What we do?

“Relisant Science Club is a Toastmaster of the young science innovator. ScienceClub is a support platform to develop science innovator and science entrepreneur. Nurturing scientific approach, Ideas with support of intellectual community, wide range of Scientific Instruments, Kits and Support for Copyright, Patent and commercializing viable ideas and innovations.”

Science club is conceptualize not on the base of Netflix which delivers/rents content between company to end user and aim of organization is only to provide toys kits to kids , students without having any mission or aim for the end user.


Science club is conceptualize based on the Toastmasters where providing instruments is not the main aim, aim is to motivate students and science enthusiastic to provide freedom to play with science, experiment with the thoughts , instruments , concept.

Create an echo system which is more reliable, motivating and supporting students to seriously thing innovation is the way of future business. Companies such as Tesla who are building their empire on the scientific innovations can change the future.

Science club is aimed to establish nationwide and in future worldwide clubs to promote science, collaboration, sharing of thoughts and generating more patents and copyrights for the scientific innovations.

How it Works

Find a Club

Visit nearby Science club, find a suitable one and make that your home club. (Find a club …!)

Join a Club

A virtual club is always Free to join, change at any time. Feel proud to make one your Home Club. Ge a badge , welcome kit once you finish your first challange of home club.

Enjoy Club

Enjoy regular Science gathering at your club, follow the Relisant Manual of 12 problems and enjoy solving and demonstrating your solution to the club and world. (Science Gathering …!)

We are ready to expand our idea and spread with the help of small home or group tuitions, Schools and educational institutes. We invite them to join us to expand the horizon of their students. Science Club will be a great way to show that you care not only for your student’s educational growth but their overall personality development.

Visit sponsor a club section to know more about how to sponsor/Own a science club.

Clubs Near You


AimOne science Club

Yong Innovator club.

GhodDaud Road, Surat, Gujarat.


Bhavena Club

Young Innovator Club

Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Robo Science Club

Young Science Club

Surat, Gujarat


Solar Science Club

Young Innovator Club

Sawarkundala, Gandhinagar


Sciencebb Kits

Relisant Science club owns a wide range of scientific instruments science kits and consumable science material. All members of clubs are entitled to borrow / Lease any instrument, kits or consumable material on monthly bases. Collectively each club can vote / Request for new instrument to be purchased and allocate to club.

Each club will get one Mega instrument (i.e. High End Telescope, Microscope, Microprocessors, Robotic sensors etc) available to club for six month which either can be setup at Club location for collective use and demonstration or can be leased to interested students for monthly bases.








Solar Kits